CLIENT:BestBuy & Microsoft

Best Buy came to us after sponsoring our Inside E3 Events and wanted to go big for the release of the Xbox 360. So in true Relentless Media style we put together the Xbox360 Zero Hour an event held in the middle of the desert in a hanger on Edwards Air force Base. We tried to get area 51 but they told us that we couldn't rent a hanger there because it doesn't exist..wink wink. nudge nudge. We coordinated the event put together the online campaign that allowed 5000 lucky Gamer's to get the first Xbox 360's delivered to the USA. The units where delivered under police escort to the base and the hanger was filled with every new title for the 360. We created a tribute to all things Xbox a video game oasis in the desert with gaming areas for gamer's to try all the new games.  It was and is one of the greatest video Game release events of all time. Click the image below to watch the footage.  Your Welcome.